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Return & Exchange Policy


Online shopping is simple and quick. You might enjoy the comfort and convenience of buying your favorite products in a few clicks or taps. Sometimes, however, when your order arrives you may realize that the product isn’t exactly what you expected. It may not be of the right size or color, or in rare cases you might find that it is defective or damaged. What do you do now? This is where the CHLOROS LIGHTING Product Returns process makes your life easier.

Your order will be exchanged for a new identical product of a different size or color
The product in your order will be replaced with an identical product in case it is damaged (broken or spoiled) or defective (has a functional problem that causes it not to work) or is not as described
If the product of your choice is unavailable in your preferred size or color or model, or if it is out of stock, you may decide that you want your money back. In this scenario, you may choose Refund to have your money returned to you.Keep ready all the requisite items necessary for a smooth returns process — including invoice, original packaging, price tags, freebies, accessories, etc.Pickup and Delivery of your order will be scheduled in case of exchanges and replacements.Refund will be initiated and processed if applicable.
When is your order eligible for product returns, exchange, replacement or refund? Explore some of the scenarios to gain a better understanding so that you make an informed choice and experience peace of mind when you shop on CHLOROS LIGHTING.
First, check if there is any damage to the product that you ordered. Sometimes, the package may appear to be damaged due to shipping and handling but the product inside the packaging may be in good condition. However, if you notice that your package has been tampered with, or the product not sealed properly in its box, you may opt to raise a Return request.
Ordered a Cooler and discovered that they don’t fit you? Don’t worry. Just Inform us Your cooler will be picked up by our delivery personnel, and replaced with the same product.
If you are unsatisfied with your replacement, or if the specific product or model that you want is out of stock, our customer support team may advise you to opt for a refund. Your refund will be processed after approval. Once your refund has been approved, your money will be credited back to you in one of three ways: 1. As a credit in your Chloros LIGHTING Wallet. 2. As an NEFT transfer if you paid via cash-on-delivery. 3. As a refund via the same source that you used to pay for the order (called Back to Source, this method is available for all sellers). For example, this means that if you paid via your HDFC Debit card, your refund will be credited to the same account..